Haters Welcome

“People only try to bring you down because you’re up so high they can’t see you.” – Rev. Run

No matter what you do in life you are going to have your detractors or, as I like to call them, haters. Why, you ask? Well, as far as I can tell that is just the way some people are. They say misery loves company and those miserable souls out there seem to not like it when someone is happy and trying to spread some positivity in the world. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Example 1:

Say you’re overweight and you go to the gym. You are clearly going there to better yourself and to become a healthier you, but the people in the gym stare and comment amongst themselves. That, for years, kept me away from the gym, but I finally realized one day that it doesn’t matter what they think or say because I am there to right my ship.

Example 2:

We’ve seen it in the movies a number of times…the dumb bully knocks the books out of a smart kids hands. It happens, but it shouldn’t. That kid has those books because he is trying to make something of himself. Just because you don’t want to study and don’t want to better yourself doesn’t mean that you have been given the right to make those that do suffer.

Example 3:

This is just a blog. I don’t claim to be a fitness expert or anything. I am simply a man who, through hard work and determination, lost 216 pounds in 1 year. All I want to do is to provide motivation and inspiration for those out there who need to lose weight like I did. I aim to share the knowledge I gained from Chris Powell and if I help one person then that knowledge was not passed on in vain. That’s all I am trying to do. I am no expert. I am just a man who went through the weight loss journey successfully and now it’s my turn to help others do the same.

“Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up.” – Jesse Jackson

Recently I have acquired a new hater or two of my very own. This person, who is choosing to remain anonymous, is calling me a fraud. Their accusations are three-fold. They say that I starved myself all year, dehydrated myself all year, and that I am only dating Courtney because she is now skinny and famous. These accusations could not be farther from the truth. Let me take them one by one:

A) Starvation: During the year I ate five meals a day, one every three hours. Sometimes I even had to force myself to eat because I wasn’t hungry. I say that is far from starvation. I ate healthier this past year then I have in my entire life and I have the results to prove it.

B) Dehydration: I did not dehydrate myself. I drank two gallons of water a day. Even with as much working out as I was doing I would say that is more than enough water to stay hydrated.

C) Courtney: We have been great friends since the beginning of 2010 and now we are taking it to another level with dating. We both like one another very much and, to be perfectly honest, that is all that matters. Also, I know that I have had many questions regarding our relationship and that she has as well, but for the time being I think we will keep it just between the two of us. I am sure we will let the masses in on our private party in due time, but until that time…stay tuned.

I know I shouldn’t give these messages the time of day, but I read them and I think that it really is sad that someone feels it’s necessary to take time out of their life to TRY and bring someone down. I emphasize try because you’re not succeeding.

I’m flying too high for you to reach me.


28 thoughts on “Haters Welcome

  1. Thank you for posting that! It is far to often that I watch people get pushed down, and not get up to defend themselves. You and Courtney have been an inspiration to many of people, myself included. I commend you on the hard work you have done to get to the place you are now. It is not easy to do, as i am in the beginning of that journey now, and you have pushed through it all to be the person you are today.

    Keep flying high! Much love and respect to you for all you have done,

  2. Way to go Alex, well said! I am one of those that is very much inspired by your story and I take heed to the advice you give out. Between you and Courtney and a couple of the biggest losers I am on my way to being victorious at losing weight. Im 47 so it seems to not be as easy as I would like it to be but again thats really all in my head. I admire you for being so open about your journey, it really does inspire people, at least it does me. I’ve still got about 150lbs to lose and I WILL lose it thanks to the inspirations of you and others. Thank you so much for all you do, please keep at it because it really does help. I wish you and Courtney all the best, you both have come along ways and deserve to have a happy and fun life, you both earned it.

    Bless ya,
    Andy W.

  3. I think that both you and courtney- as people, and for what you have accomplished- are incredible. There will always be be people who react out of jealousy or insecurity. You keep flying, buddy. You’re on the right path & they can’t touch you :)

  4. Wow, Some people have no life…Good for you sticking with your guns!!! You don’t have to justify what you do in life to anyone other than yourself…Keep up the good work. We love you both in Canada:)

  5. Boo on haters! I am so happy for youand for Courtney. I say you select the option to have to approve all comments before they are posted and delete the haters. Their only motivation is to stir up drama and I say this should be a drama free zone:)
    God bless!

  6. Alex:

    Good post. I know that it is hard, but just ignore that kind of garbage.

    “If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.”
    -Vincent Van Gogh

    Keep up the great work. You are THE MAN!

  7. Fabulous! You are correct, so many have difficulty watching others try to improve themselves. I have always taken it to the point that when they are whispering, I go over and introduce myself to them, but I have always been a little pushy. I have found that it is generally ignorance, not trying to be mean. I have made many of these people my friends, once they got to know me and I them, we realized that we were in the same boat. Because I looked at the “skinny” people, as “why are they here, they don’t need to lose weight” Now I realize that they are thin because they work on it. So I found that I was judging them as much as they were judging me, because there was no way of knowing that they might be whispering something positive. (Even though I personally think whispering is rude) I had to let people in as I continued on my journey. I love hearing your story and I am truly blessed to be able to experience it as I reattain my goals. Thank you, Starla

  8. Forget about the haters! What you have done for yourself and what you are trying to help others with is truly amazing! You are such an inspiration to so many people! As far as all of the people on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, you stick out the most because of your positive attitude and what you have done since the show aired. And you and Courtney are adorable!

  9. Unfortunately due to your success and visibility, there will be those “nasties”. Jealousy may have something to do with it and for sure immaturity. Let that role off your back, you know yourself and what’s true! You are a great inspiration for most of us, and the others…..we will just let them be over there…..:)

  10. Alex, shake the haters off buddy! don’t give them the time of day again. Jerks! Fanfrom pearland tx Cindy

  11. Such a great post. It makes me sad that people would even accuse you of such a thing and as far as your relationship with Courtney is concerned that’s between you and her. I don’t know why “the public” feels they need to know every detail and get involved in your business. I consider it a privilege to read your blog and learn more about your weight loss journey. Keep your head up. Its very obvious you are a man of great integrity. I will say a prayer for you for strength and continued courage in your journey. Thanks for sharing with us.

    ~Amanda Taylor

    p.s Go BRAVES! We are coming to Atlanta on Aug 12 just to see them all the way from VA. Gotta get to turner field a few times each year :)

    • Thanks Amanda! My head will forever stay up! Nobody is going to keep me down…I won’t let them! Go Braves indeed!!! I’ll be there this Thursday to root them on!

  12. Again the momma bear in me is coming out! You are an amazing example to sooooo many! I have told your story a hundred times, encouraged so many with it! You have done what so many cannot, take back your life! I have had some haters in my life on my journey to health and a good friend shared some wisdom with me that helped…she had HURT people, hurt people. No, it doesn’t make it right but it helps me remember that the hate is about them, not me (or you). I feel sorry for those people and pray they, too, can one day find joy in their life. You and Courtney are both Rock stars and I wish you the best! ps – My daughter keeps begging me to take her to meet you and Courtney on Saturday, if so… I will be happy to punch any haters that show up!

  13. You go Alex, we’re with you! My dad says, “If people are bringing you down, you’ve reached them.” This just means you’re reaching people, way to go man!!!

  14. Haters are not cool Alex!! they’re so jealous they’re not part of our Cool People Club haha, just cool people allowed :P

  15. You know people that put your name in there mouth our your making you more FAMOUS remember that ok your a GREAT person do not forget that : )

  16. Let it be know to you that you are helping me and I really need this post today!! Just today on the way out of the gym some hot head muscle man made a rude comment.I was so upset I fell off the wagon and out my comfort food out ,thought about never going back, then so this blog!! I need to just keep my mind set that I am there for me and not for him to look at!! Thanks again I guess I need to do a little more tomorrow to burn off that comfort food I ate today!!!

    • I’m glad it helped. Going to your comfort food only hurts you. It does nothing to the haters. Don’t let them push you off the wagon. Grab onto those reins, dig in, and refuse to get off the wagon!!!

  17. There has been an overwhelming positive response to this post and I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to comment. Thank you! Thank you also for taking the time to read my blog. I truly appreciate it.

  18. Your first point hit home with me big-time! I joined a gym a few years ago. Went a few times but the last time was when a group of on-lookers stood outside of the workout room I was in to point and laugh at me.
    Fast forward to now. I’ve joined another gym and hired a personal trainer. There are a number of people who watch me. It’s not just in my head. I make eye contact with them while they are resting between sets. I just nod and keep on keeping on.
    There were 2 women who approached me to congratulate me for being there.I just let it go. Their hearts were in the right place.
    There are times when I feel very uncomfortable and want to run for the hills but I don’t. I am there to do my thing and better myself. The gym-rats don’t care that I’m there. It’s the people who have their own issues.

  19. Hey Alex,
    I have really been shocked by people especially who always have something negative to say when you are trying to be positive. I am certainly blessed to be able to interact with you and Courtney and I am so happy for the both of you. Whether you met yesturday or 2 years ago, what does it matter. You two are my Guru’s of changing my life for the better. Keep it up.

  20. Weightloss and healthy living is a very fine tight rope. When I tell people I lost 5-10 pounds in a week, they flip out THAT’S SO UNHEALTHY! Well, it could have been, or maybe not, it depends on HOW I lost it. One time I dropped 6 pounds in a week just by not drinking soda. THAT’S ALL. I was still eating fast food, not exercising, etc, but due to my not drinking soda, weight fell off me. There was one week I was consuming close to 2000 calories a day and burning around 800 a day and I dropped 5 pounds. I didn’t feel deprived. I felt better than I ever had in my life. That’s not a typical week. A typical week is 1-2 pounds max, but occasionally I really kick it in gear and change things up to where it’s a little bit bigger number.

    Everybody has an opinion, but few of those opinions actually come from professionals who will tell you that as long as you were being monitored by people who knew what they were doing, that what you did was okay. It was a drastic loss, so are the losses on biggest loser, and unfortunately sometimes those shows make people think they can do that too that quickly, and when it doesn’t happen, they get angry. Pulling a 10 pound weight loss every single week for a couple months at a time would be a dream come true, but it’s not realistic for the average person. It’s interesting how we make people our heroes and our villains all at the same time.

    As far as Courtney, well you’re famous too so I don’t really see how dating her would give you any more notoriety than you already have. I can’t imagine anyone greater to share your life with than a person who understands what you went through to get to the place where you are.