Q & A #4

Well, this weeks question I took from my unlimited friend’s page and it comes from Becky Metcalf. It reads as follows…

I don’t exercise, but I am ready. I’ve always wanted to run. How did you build up your tolerance? I run 50 feet and I’m out of breath. And does it ever get to a point where you can just run and run and you don’t get tired?

You build up a tolerance by repetition. Chris told me last year that if I wanted to do something then I have to do it and continue to do it to over and over until I got the hang of it. I know for me I do intervals. I am still building up my stamina to full strength post skin surgery. When I go to the park I am doing three “gangster” laps. I will run for 2 tenths of a mile and then walk the same amount off and on for a couple of laps. Sometimes I’ll do a tenth off and on. I will run a total of about 2 miles a day and then walk about 3. Each week I am adding a lap (1.1 miles) to the total and with each passing week I am becoming stronger and more running-tolerant.

So, run the 50 feet and then walk the next 50 to recover for an hour. Next week run 100 feet and walk the next 100 for an hour. So on and so forth. Give that a shot and I think that would definitely help. I haven’t reached the point where I run (for exercise) and don’t get tired, but when I reach that point I will up the ante because that means my body has acclimated to what it’s doing and needs a new challenge.

Hope this helps Becky,