July 13, 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is the second of the three opening week posts to introduce you to my new blog and to what we will be doing and when we will be doing it. This is just the base of the blog and if something tickles my fancy we might throw up some random posts.

So, Wednesday is going to be all about y’all. This is going to be question and answer day. I’ll answer between 5 and 10 questions every Wednesday that y’all send in. You can start sending your questions to and I will start compiling answers for next Wednesday’s first Q&A.

Check back in on Friday to see what we’ve got planned. I think Friday’s are going to be lots of fun and I think y’all will really enjoy it.


7 thoughts on “Secondly

  1. Excited about your blog. I signed up to walk a half marathon in Oct for my 35th bday. I am so nervous because I currently weight 280lbs! Oh no, am I CRAZY? Guess I better start training ASAP. I printed out Hal Higdon’s plan, but haven’t started yet..