Step by Step

Let me ask you all a question…did you take a step towards your goal of living a healthy life? They didn’t show it on my episode, but last year my first challenge was to run stadiums at Turner Field. I had to carry a bucket with 40 lbs of Coke up and down the field and terrace levels from the right field foul pole, behind home plate, and all the way to the left field foul pole. I honestly thought it was impossible. A third of the way around I thought I would never make it. Chris told me to not look at the whole challenge. Look only at the step in front of you and take it step by step. That is how you have to take all challenges in life…weight loss, school work, or any other thing that must be conquered.

If you want to start your weight loss journey then take the first step and CHOOSE to change. Then create a small attainable goal so that you don’t always look at the big end of the road goal. That can be a scary thing. I would sometimes look at the fact that I had 216 lbs to lose and I would be overwhelmed with analysis paralysis. Not a good feeling, I’ll be the first to tell you. I made sure to focus on the smaller, more manageable, easier on the brain goal. I know I didn’t hit the first couple of goals, but I put a solid dent in each of them and ultimately got to where I want to be.

So, if you have a goal to accomplish, be it a weight loss goal, a job goal, a school goal, or just a life goal then take it step by step. With each step you’ll make progress and your goal will be within reach before you know it.



Another Monday is here! That probably isn’t too exciting to most especially all the kids who had to go back to school today i.e. my little brothers, but you can’t hide from Monday’s so let’s all make the best of it!

I would like to take this opportunity to share with everyone the weekend I had. Saturday morning Courtney and I went to the Hard Rock in downtown Atlanta for the Biggest Loser Season 13 casting call. There were a bunch of people there! I would say it had to be upwards of a thousand peeps. We got to meet and talk to many of them and they couldn’t have been more sweet! Joel, Brian, Bert, Ciara, and Robin are just a few of the really cool peeps we got to talk to you. We actually had a few very special visitors come down to meet us who weren’t even trying out for the show. A very special shout out goes to Mary Hamilton, Dot Reilley, Kathy Lee, and her daughter Sarah for coming to say hey.

BL13 Casting Call with the ADORABLE Sarah

One thing everyone who tried out for it should know and remember is that it isn’t about a show. I know that is easy for me to say since I was on one, but not everyone who tries out can be picked so they MUST begin their journey at home. Don’t wait around for a show to pick you. CHOOSE to make the change for yourself and make it today! Your life is far too important to just let it slip away when the want to change is clearly there. Don’t wait until tomorrow…start TODAY!

Sunday morning I was invited to share my story at Crossroads Church in Douglasville, GA. It was such a great experience! I plan on posting the video when I get it, but in the meantime I can tell you what happened. Crossroads is clearly a 21st century church. They are very technological and I love it! My man Chris Thomas put together a video intro for me to come out to and then I got to chat with the pastor. They started a new series called “I Quit” and I went to share how I quit making excuses about losing weight and how I finally followed through and became a healthy me. It was such a cool experience and I thank them for having me. After each service I got to meet a bunch of the people in the congregation and they could not have been more kind! That is the way to start a Sunday! Courtney and I had lunch with our new friend Chris and Lauren Thomas afterwards and they are really great people. I just want to thank Chris, Lauren, Brian Preston, Travis Williams, Justin Owens, Pastor Greg and all the peeps at Crossroads for having me!

Fun Times at Crossroads