The One


Me and the love of my life!

Me and the love of my life!

Some people spend their days searching. Some think they’ve found, but truly haven’t. And then there are those such as myself who are lucky, privileged, blessed enough to have undoubtedly, unquestionably, undeniably found the one. Found the one who will laugh at your bad jokes. Found the one who will sit through sporting events that hold no interest for them. Found the one who will put down everything at a moments notice and bring you lunch when you get stuck at work unexpectedly.

When you’ve found the one you know. It strikes you in the heart and washes over you like a hot shower. It makes you feel the need to be a better person because you know the one deserves that even though they think you are perfect just the way they found you.

You know that whenever your eyes catch a glimpse of the one your heart will skip a beat as it leaps into the air just to flutter back into your chest. When the one smiles it washes away all the bad that could have happened throughout the say. When you’re together all you want is for it t never end. When you’re apart all you can do is count the moments til you’re together again.

I will never be able to thank God enough for making me one of those lucky few. Courtney Crozier, I love you with everything that I am. I love you to infinity and beyond.