Breakfast…EAT IT!

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say, “I don’t eat breakfast.” I immediately think to myself, “How do you function properly?” To put it plainly…you can’t. In order for your body to function properly throughout the day you must put fuel into it. Essentially the body is a machine and, much like a car, the “machine” needs fuel to operate. If you don’t put fuel in a car how far will you get?

We can let that one be rhetorical because we both know the answer. When you eat breakfast you start your metabolism. When you are on a weight loss journey you need your metabolism charged so that it can work at a high level and so you can shed those pounds.

In addition to that you need to make sure you are eating the right thing too. If you roll through the McDonald’s drive thru like I used to do, then you are not doing yourself any favors. Ditch the bagels, sugary cereals, and Pop Tarts. You need to fuel your machine with premium! You need to have a serving of protein and carbs. Grab some greek yogurt and a piece of fruit or you can do what I do and have some incredible homemade protein pancakes. All you need is:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 1/2 of steel cut oats
  • vanilla extract
  • cinnamon

Mix these ingredients together in a bowl thoroughly. Pour half of the concoction into a hot pan on the stove top and cook for approximately 1 minute and 15 seconds on each side. Repeat! If you’re so inclined you could put some PB2 on top and a touch of sugar free syrup and you are good to go! A delicious and easy breakfast (that my beautiful girlfriend Courtney taught me how to make)! Something with the right FUEL for your MACHINE!!! So tomorrow join me and eat breakfast!