Fat Shaming is NOT Productive!

The other day I was perusing my Twitter feed, @AlexRespess (shameless plug), and came across an article by the website Deadspin, whom you can follow @Deadspin. It linked a video from a soccer match between, well that doesn’t make much difference, but it showed an obese man texting on his phone. The announcer, Rob Stone, took to making juvenile comments about his weight on air. What Rob Stone probably doesn’t realize is that the man is more than likely well aware of his weight. He has probably had many people throughout his life point it out to him in far more clever ways than Rob Stone. But this begs the question, why do people feel the need to resort to fat shaming? It is not productive and more often than not sends the person who needs help losing weight in the opposite direction. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Rob ultimately made an apology via Twitter, but in my opinion it doesn’t hold much water. His unplanned outburst on live television tells the story of how he truly feels about the subject and the apology (more than likely prompted by his employer) felt insincere.

Follow the link above to see the video and the apology and leave a comment down below to tell me what you think?