She may be gone, but she will forever be in our hearts.

Loss is never an easy thing. In fact it very well may be the most difficult thing to come to grips with. 6 years ago today I lost my Mom to pancreatic cancer. She was the absolute strongest person I have ever known because during her 2 year fight she never once complained or expressed a “woe is me” attitude.

When she passed away I was, of course, heartbroken beyond words. I just lost my Mom and wasn’t ready for her to leave this world. More so than myself I was worried about my little brothers. I had gotten to spend 20 years with her, but they were only 12 and 10 years old. Losing a parent at such a young age is terrible. Nothing can prepare you for it and the longing in your heart to share your daily accomplishments or a hug never goes away.

Adam and Tim, my brothers, though have grown into incredible young men. Adam just began college and in my mind I know our Mom was sitting right there with him on his first day. Such a big step and I cannot believe he has gotten so old. Tim is a sophmore in high school, but he has a talent with words that far exceeds his years as you will soon see…stay tuned. They have been able to grow because of the strong support structure we have in our family.

When you lose someone it is extremely important to have a storng support structure. Our Dad has been our rock for a very long time and he kept it together for us even though I know he hurts inside too. My aunt Mary Lou has been a second Mom to us by lending an ear, helping me try and lose weight, and just being there for us whenever we need. Our Granny was always right there when we needed her for a chat, a night out to eat, or just to sit with and watch a ballgame. Miss Leigh, whom my Dad married in 2010, has taken it upon herself to treat us just like she treats her own children and loves us just the same.There have been many people that have supported us since our Mom passed and I cannot thank them enough for all the have done.

Kimala Freeman Respess
June 16, 1963 – August 31, 2006
She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten.

I miss you. I love you. Your son, Alex