DietBet with Me and Shaun T!!!

Oh yeah!! You read that correctly! The one and only Shaun T is doing his very own DietBet!! I have been hosting and participating in DietBet’s for about 2 years now and I love them!! It’s all about challenging yourself to set an, keyword, ATTAINABLE short-term goal! Hit the goal and as a killer bonus you win some cold, hard CASH!!

Wait. So, you’re saying that I lose weight and win money at the same time? YES, I am saying you lose weight and win money at the same time!! Sounds crazy right? CRAZY AWESOME!! Plus, you’ll be rocking it out with the Insanity creator himself Shaun T!

Here’s how it works: you head on over to Shaun T’s DietBet page (click the pic!)Shaun TYou bet $30 that you will lose 4% of your body weight over the course of 4 weeks.Then you lose the 4%! Then you split the pot with the rest of the players who hit their 4%! So, you are only competing with yourself! Hit your goal and you win! Easy as that!

The DietBet community is truly unbelievable and you will most certainly be more than inspired to crush this goal and more! What are you waiting for!? Head on over and sign up now!! It all starts October 22nd!!


Life: An Unexpected Journey

Life is full of various twists and turns that we generally don’t see coming. There are pretty much two options when we get to those twists and turns: 1) go with the flow 2) swerve off the path into who knows what. Over the past few years my life has taken a number of twists and turns that I would never have even imagined possible. Three years ago I never thought that losing weigh was a possibility. I thought I was forever destined to be 459 pounds. Then came Chris Powell, Extreme Makeover, and hope. He showed me what I was capable of and gave me the knowledge and the tools to make it happen. Over the course of the next year, and with the help of an AMAZING support system, I lost 216 pounds. I was given a whole new lease on life!

Then came love. I finally loved myself and in doing so I was able to open my eyes and my heart to a woman who had been one of my very best friends throughout my journey. Courtney Crozier stole my heart and for the first year of our relationship we did the long distance thing. She came to Georgia on numerous occasions and I went to Indiana a time or two. Being away from her for weeks at a time was terrible, but we made it work. However, she was opening her own frozen yogurt shop, YoAmazing, in Indiana which meant that we were destined to be apart much more. I wasn’t alright with that and that meant another twist in my life was right around the corner.

So, one year ago today, after an INCREDIBLE Christmas in which Courtney surprised me on Christmas Eve with help from my dear friends Alison and Ardy, I picked up and moved to Indiana. I never thought I would live in Indiana…EVER! Love does funny things to you though. I knew it was the only way I would get to see the love of my life so it had to be done. Had I stayed in Georgia I know my heart would be longing to be with Courtney, but I didn’t and my heart could not be any more happy.

I also couldn’t be any more happy or thankful about the people who have welcomed me into their lives. Kevin, Marci, and Casey Crozier are fantastic people with big hearts who made my transition so easy. Their hospitality and humor are unrivaled and I am blessed to call them family. Thank you for all you have done!

I’d also like to say thank you to the Arroyo’s, Teresa, John, Joe, and Nick. Always welcoming and with delicious food (hello skirt steak). Even when my family came to visit for Spring Break they had us over for a feast. Thank you!

I can’t believe I have been in Indiana for a whole year. The one thing I will say about the state is that the winter’s do not play around! Being from the south does not prepare you for this kind of cold.

Here’s to the next twist and turn!